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Hi, I'm Lance Ulanoff. I'm an award-winning tech journalist, public speaker, and television personality.

About Me

I live at the intersection of technology, culture, and entertainment. I love to connect new audiences with innovative ideas. I do it on the page, in person, on stage, and on TV.


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My Services.

Writing and Social Engagement

I can take your innovative idea and make it comprehensible and interesting.
With 30-plus years of tech journalism experience, I understand our hyper-connected, constantly-sharing world of today and how we got here. I've covered every major tech company and product launch you can imagine and have probably tested most of them, too.


  • 95K Twitter Followers

  • 4,143 Instagram Followers

  • 16,000 Facebook Followers

  • 25,000 Medium Followers

  • 3,400 YouTube Subscribers

Public Speaking and Media

I've spoken in front of TV audiences, thousands at SXSW, diplomats and world leaders at Social Good Summit, and more intimate fireside chats and panels. I'm the master moderator who will make your panelists and audience feel like a part of the event.


  • Media Training

  • Social Media

  • Product Strategy

  • SMT Host

Father's Day Gadget Gifts

Father's Day Gadget Gifts

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